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Raising every boy in India to be gender equitable

There are 230 million men under the age of 18, who currently do not have structured opportunities to study and practise gender equitable behaviour. If we want to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of gender equality, we must include boys in the solutions alongside girls.

Join us to raise Gender Equitable Boys.

Project Raise is a national collaborative of civil society organisations, funding organisations, intermediaries and government institutions who are committed to the social outcome of raising Gender Equitable Boys.


If you want to start or improve your work with boys towards gender equality, then Project Raise is for you. Project Raise provides proven materials, technical support, monitoring and evaluation framework, opportunities to share your work and collective impact.


Training and resources

Training and resources

All members will have access to online and offline training and resources that will enable them to plan and implement programmes to raise Gender Equitable Boys.


Network and visibility

Network and visibility

All members will be able to connect with, learn from and inspire other organisations. Members’ work on raising Gender Equitable Boys will have increased audience through the national collaborative.

Evidence and advocacy

Evidence and advocacy

All members will have access to evidence from organisations across the country. The data can be used for programme improvement as well as for advocacy and influencing policy.


We encourage all members of Project Raise to initiate a pilot programme to raise Gender Equitable Boys.

Project Raise is an initiative facilitated by
Equal Community Foundation


Membership to Project Raise is open to any organisation that works towards gender equality and believes that Gender Equitable Boys are key to achieving it. You may be working with boys already or you may be thinking about it or you are just interested to know more about the approach. You are welcome to join.

Members are expected to agree with the core principles, actively participate, consider implementing programmes, collaborate and contribute to the evidence pool.


Project Raise members are expected to:

  • agree to the commitment of good practice.
  • consider starting a pilot programme for raising Gender Equitable Boys.
  • actively participate in peer-learning sessions and webinars.
  • collaborate and contribute to the data and resource pool for collective impact at local, regional and national level.


Organisations are members of Project Raise
Boys have participated in programmes aimed at raising Gender Equitable Boys.
Organisations so far have adopted the approach of raising Gender Equitable Boys.
Percentage of boys demonstrated high equitable attitudes in the surveys conducted at the end of the programme.


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